High conversion efficiency POLY Crystalline 60 cell pv panel solar panel 190Wp-230Wp solar pv module for home solar pv cells panel photovoltaic solar cell

Solar panel, the assembly of multiple solar cells, is the core part of the solar power system, but also the most important part of the solar power system.  

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Place of Origin:
Beijing, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Panel Efficiency:
2 years
Product name:
poly and mono solar panel
Output Voltage (V):
Solar Power (W):
Work Time (h):
24 hours
Max Efficiency:
Panel Size:
1 Snow/Wind load 4 25-yearprogressive warranty
2 Positive tolerance 5 10-year product warranty
3 Slef-cleaning glass 6 PID Resistant
7 Junction Box IP67 rated, with serviceable bypass diodes 8  Advanced encapsulation material with multilayer sheet lamination to provide long-life and enhanced cell performance.
9  STC (Standard Test Condition): Irradiance 1000w/m2, module temperature 25℃,  AM1.5 . Best in Class AAA solar simulator (IEC 60904-9) is used, with power measurement uncertainty within ±3%
 1-3 Glass Antireflective glass Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2% Self-cleaning function Module efficiency is increased by 2%
EVA >91% high transmittance high gel content, provides good encapsulation, protects the battery from vibration, and is more durable 1-5
 1-2 Solar Cell Module efficiency up to 17.2% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module High Efficiency PC Cells High PID resistant
Frame Silver or black frames are optional Boost bearing capability and prolong service life Serrated-clip design tensile strength  1-4
 1-1   Junction Box IP67 Waterproof level Quality diode ensures module running safety Excellent heat dissipation performance Long service life
Model  Power Vmp  V Imp  A Voc V Isc  A Size(mm)
MUL-6M-190P-72 190Wp 24.15V 7.87A 28.77V 8.65V 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-195P-72 195Wp 24.20V 8.06A 28.87V 8.84A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-200P-72 200Wp 24.25V 8.25A 28.96V 9.04A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-205P-72 205Wp 24.30V 8.44A 29.05V 9.24A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-210P-72 210Wp 24.34V 8.63A 29.17V 9.43A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-215P-72 215Wp 24.41V 8.81A 29.27V 9.61A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-220P-72 220Wp 24.53V 8.97 29.58V 9.94A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-225P-72 225Wp 24.68V 9.12A 29.69V 9.92A 1320*990*35
MUL-6M-230P-72 230Wp 24.90V 9.24A 29.69V 9.92A 1320*990*35

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1.The components are suitable for commercial and residential on-grid or off-grid applications 2.Components have strict quality control standards and global certification procedures 3.Components are easy to install on floor, roof, and floor area 4.Reduce electricity cost and create independent power supply 5.Modular, no moving parts, fully extensible and easy to install 6.Reliable quality, maintenance free power generation 7.It helps to reduce pollution of the environment, air, water and land 8.Provide clean, quiet and reliable power generation 9.The components have high efficiency and high output power 10.Self-cleaning layer glass can reduce surface dust 11.Under low light conditions such as cloudy and morning conditions, the components can still guarantee excellent efficiency 12.Good ability to work under pressure 13.0-+3% positive tolerance, more power output guaranteed 14.After-sale service feedback mechanism within 48 hours

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