Multifit Solar Panel Cleaning Robot (MR-T1 Series)

MULTIFIT specifically designs cleaning robot for cleaning solar panels, and designs convenient and affordable solar cleaning products for the majoritity of users.Suitable for different solar power stations.Its included Tracking Robot,Rail-type Full Automatic Cleaner Car,4-wheel Drive Robot,Crawler-type Robot and Semi-automatic Solar Cleaning Brush.etc.

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HQ located in Beijing, China and founded in 2009 Our factory located in 3/F,JieSi Bldg.,6 Keji West Road,Hi-Tech Zone,Shantou,Guangdong,China.

Multifit was founded in 2009...

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Come with MULTIFIT, to power a better world! Multifit is expert with ISO9001:2008 on manufacturing TUV, CE, SONCAP & CCC solar products to over 60 coun-tires for 10 years, covering solar inverters, solar cleaning robots, solar street lights, ect.And, Multifit has experienced designing and installation teams on solar system, either off grid or on gr-id. This ability can help us better support our customer's capability to win new sales and do an excell-ent maintenance.

Q1: Are you a factory or trading company? A: We are a factory. Multifit Solar is an original design manufacturer of power inverter, the solar charge controller and solar panel cleaning robot and solar array box since 2009.Q2: How can I get some samples? A: We can provide you samples for quality checking. Kindly contact us for getting more discount and profitable project solutions. Q3: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive? A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. Airline and sea shipping also optional. Q4: Where is your loading port? A: Multifit have 2 factories in Beijing and Shantou City Guangdong. The loading port is TianJin/ Shanghai or Shenzhen/ Guangzhou for optional. Q5: How long is your factory delivery time? A: 3-7 days for sample order, 5-10 days for MOQ order,15-30 days for 20ft container. Q6: Is it OK to print my logo on the product? A: Yes. Please inform us formally before production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample Q7: Do you offer guarantee for the products? A: Yes, we offer 2-5 years warranty to our products.
Model MR-T1
Body size 650*500*180
Body weight 20Kg
Total Weight(KG) 39
Efficiency/Hour 600㎡
Battery Life 6 Hours
Dry Cleaning Model 20°
Washing Cleaning 15°
Waterproof Level IP65
Warranty 3 Years
Design Life 10 Years
Battery Capacity 10AH
Battery Life 6 Hours
Charging Time 2 Hours
12 hours of battery life Replace the battery every four hours
Module inclination dry cleaning :0~20°
washing cleaning:0~15°
Wind 62~74Km/H strong wind
Can work at night Yes
Obstacle crossing distance 20-60mm
Monitor 24 Units can be monitored by one person at the same time


Manipulation Parameters

The maximum number of cleaning Robots that can be controlled by one person: 100
It is recommended that one person control the maximum number of cleaning Robots on slopes: 4
It is recommended that one person control the maximum number of cleaning Robots for the roof: 8
Software maintenance upgrade: OTA/remote
Can work at night: yes
Whether the cleaning log can be viewed in real time: Yes
Whether the cleaning Robots can automatically return to the apron: yes
Obstacle crossing distance: 20-60mm
Whether it can be used for unmanned operation: Yes
Remote control: yes
Can breakpoint continue: Yes

Eliminate manual cleaning defects, Always the same cleaning quality.

Avoid the "hot spot effect"

Autonomous Cross-Barrier Program, Array Spacing Bridging Scheme

Deep learning database covers  all solar panel types

10+ years Design lifespan Lifetime after-sales service

Multifit Solar had set up Smart Remote Control and Management Cloud Platform for our patent cleaning robot.In the process of intelligent cleaning, robots can automatically detect, track, locate, communicate and control groups, to meet the demands of different kinds of devices control and managemen.Multifit photovoltaic technology can enable our robots to obtain semantic information around glass reflective environments, allowing robots to recognize objects in glass reflective environments, and making more reasonable operating behaviors according to different environments. This technology is the core technology of the robot in the glass environment.

Based on the visual recognition algorithm, through the method of deep learning established a map of the boundary information of all photovoltaic modules, and the centimeter-level positioning accuracy, they can provide a drift-free and accurate global visual positioning information for the robot.
◆ The multi-sensor fusion technology can accurately obtain the slippage information of the robot moving on the photovoltaic module. Even if the visual information is lost for a short time, the basic positioning of the robot can be guaranteed. Our Robot has the extremely high positioning and the accuracy, these features.
◆ The robot can completely accomplish high-precision tasks such as the point-to-point navigation and regional coverage in complex photovoltaic module scenarios. Our robot can achieve 100% coverage at one time to achieve clean photovoltaic panels without the dead ends. Through this way, it can effectively increase the power generation.

Fully automatic unmanned operation
Autonomous Cross-Barrier Program
Array Spacing Bridging Scheme

Sink-float dust (adhesion ≤10-6N) cleaning result ≥99%
Dust accumulation (adhesion ≤10-4N) cleaning result ≥99%
Dry bird droppings (adhesion ≤10-2N) cleaning result ≥99%
Heavy metal contamination (adhesion ≤20-10N) cleaning result ≥99%
Cleaning efficiency (square meter/hour) ≥ 600

  • Based on Windows operating system
  • Based on Android and IOS operating systems
  • Based on the Navigation technology of Multifit vision
  • Based on the Path Planning Technology of Multifit Platform
  • Based on MR-T1 operating platform

A Solar panel cleaning robot to match the highest expectations, the curvy, full-bodied design of the MR-T1 Series earns it the nickname of "Tankl".

Security Capability

Recommended Working Conditions


Working mode: autonomous operation (pre-planned path); remote control;

Positioning method: AI vision

Positioning accuracy: ≤10mm

Steering mode: crawler maneuvering

Anti-falling protection: AI vision + gravity sensing

Anti-dry slip: track self-cleaning + AI self-correcting algorithm

Anti-wet slip: special track + AI autonomous correction algorithm

Horizontal static pressure of component surface: ≤3100Pa

Protection class: IP65

Ambient temperature: -10~50℃

Component surface temperature: -10~35℃

Component splicing gap: 20~40mm



Cleaning method: dry cleaning

Rainfall: need to meet the washing inclination

Wind: 62~74Km/H strong wind

Cleaning method - washing:

Rainfall: 25~50mm heavy rain

Wind: 62~74Km/H strong wind

  • The visual positioning accuracy is less than 1 cm, and the accidental falling design is prevented. Global power planning and intelligent alarm function.
  • Safe from falling, single person can move it,Easier to transport and load, Easily replace the consumable components, Multiple consumables can be reused, Eco-friendly economy.
  • The path planning passes 100% coverage at one time, and only needs one key operation. The new sensing system and the algorithm accomplish the fully autonomous operation.
  • A single machine can replace 10 labours, and one single person can monitor up to 100 MR-T1s. For Large-scale photovoltaic power plants, they can realize large-scale manual replacement.

 0 turning radius

Can be monitored by one person at the same time

simple operation

On-site disassembly and assembly time for consumable components

Battery Capacity: 10AH
Washing Cleaning: 15°
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Module inclination: dry cleaning :0~20° washing cleaning:0~15
Wind: 62~74Km/H strong wind
Obstacle crossing distance: 20-60mm
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Multifit
Model Number: MR-T1 Series
Body size: 650*500*180
Body weight: 20Kg
Battery Life: 6 Hours
Efficiency/Hour: 600m

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