Vmaxpower 3KW 24V Solar system Off grid For Mounting Rooftop Solar Panels A Grade And MPPT Controller Solar System

Off-grid photo-voltaic power generation system is mainly applied far from the power grid, such as remote villages, Gobi desert areas, beaches, islands and so on.  

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5YEARS, 25 Years
Free installation service:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Home, Commercial, Industrial
Solar Panel Type:
Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Battery Type:
Lead-Acid, Lithium Ion
Controller Type:
Mounting Type:
Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting
Load Power (W):
Output Voltage (V):
Output Frequency:
Work Time (h):
CE Rhos, TUV/CE/ISO14001/ISO9001
Pre-sales project design:
Product name:
Vmaxpower 5KW 48V Solar Hybrid Off grid system
Combiner box:
4 input 1 output
Solar panel rack:
Roof Solar Panel Rack
Solar panel:
350W Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline
Protection :
12V200AH GEL
Solar Cables:
4mm^2 and 6mm^2 optional
Home  Power System
Technical Support:
Complete Technical Support
Hybrid inverter with MpptController:
3KW 24VDC 80A MPPT Controller
  The 3KW photovoltaic power generation system occupies about 20 square meters of roof area, and is installed on the roof of residential areas. The converted electric energy can be connected to the Internet and used for household appliances through inverter. And it is suitable for urban high-rise, multi-storey buildings, Liandong villas, rural houses, etc.
Model No. System Capacity Solar Module Solar Controller Inverter Battery 12V/200Ah Installation Area Recommended Load
Power Quantity
MU-SPS3KW 3000W 350W 9 24V 80A 24V 3000W 8 20m2 3000W
MU-SPS5KW 5000W 350W 15 48V 60A*2 48V 5000W 16 30m2 5000W
MU-SPS8KW 8000W 350W 23 48V 60A*3 48V 8000W 32 46m2 8000W
MU-SPS10KW 10000W 350W 35 96V 60A*2 96V 10000W 64 70m2 10000W
MU-SPS15KW 15000W 350W 43 96V 60A*3 96V 15000W 128 86m2 15000W
MU-SPS20KW 20000W 350W 57 240V 100A  240V 20000W Designed according to user 114m2 20000W
MU-SPS30KW 30000W 350W 86 240V 80A*2 240V 30000W Designed according to user 172m2 30000W
This is the best day of the past month. I have a 3 kW Chinese solar system, which is a new system. But the maximum power I got so far is 2.4KW...not bad. But this is not the ideal state, why?Let's take a look at this picture,The shadow on the panels you see is the tree with the rising sun behind the camera. The shadow of the tree occupies 80% of the solar panel area. It is this shadow that caused the power generation efficiency of my new system to not reach the power I wanted. MULTIFIT: It is recommended to stay away from shadows, shading objects, etc., so that the power generation rate will be high.  What is your roof area? What size system do you plan to build? According to the provided roof area, the largest array of photovoltaic systems can be arranged Provide the system installation guides after the system arrive

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  Energy storage system, Off-grid photo-voltaic power generation system It’s also known as energy storage photo-voltaic power generation system, it is mainly composed with PV modules, DC/DC charging controllers, inverters and various loads, having the functions of independent power supplying and energy storage. Off-grid photo-voltaic power generation system is mainly applied far from the power grid, such as remote villages, Gobi desert areas, beaches, islands and so on.

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Solar panel: Poly 350W*9pcs Inverter wiht controller:HF Pro 3000W 24V*1unit Battery:12V 200Ah *4pcs Bracket: 6m C type steel *9pcs    

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