Vmaxpower 5W-140W PV Solar Panels with Mono and Poly Type Solar Panels

The main material of most solar panels is "silicon", which is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries.

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Beijing, China
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PERC, Half Cell, Bifacial, All Black, MWT, IBC, HJT, BIPV
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Panel Efficiency:
CE,ISO 9001
10 Years
Product name:
Half Cell Solar Panel
Rated Power:
Mono Crystalline/Poly Crystalline
Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Dark Blue
Rated Voltage:
Rated Current:
Open Circuit Voltage:
Open Circuit Current:
Module Efficiency:
1 Snow/Wind load 4 25-yearprogressive warranty
2 Positive tolerance 5 10-year product warranty
3 Slef-cleaning glass 6 PID Resistant
7 Junction Box IP67 rated, with serviceable bypass diodes 8  Advanced encapsulation material with multilayer sheet lamination to provide long-life and enhanced cell performance.
9  STC (Standard Test Condition): Irradiance 1000w/m2, module temperature 25℃,  AM1.5 . Best in Class AAA solar simulator (IEC 60904-9) is used, with power measurement uncertainty within ±3%
 1-3 GlassAntireflective glass Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2% Self-cleaning function Module efficiency is increased by 2%
EVA >91% high transmittance high gel content, provides good encapsulation, protects the battery from vibration, and is more durable 1-5
 1-2 Solar Cell Module efficiency up to 17.2% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module High Efficiency PC Cells High PID resistant
Frame Silver or black frames are optional Boost bearing capability and prolong service life Serrated-clip design tensile strength  1-4
 1-1   Junction BoxIP67 Waterproof level Quality diode ensures module running safety Excellent heat dissipation performance Long service life
  Solar panel Feature  ●Homogeneours acid or caustic soda ●Enhanced blu-ray spectral response ●Silicon nitride antireflection coating ●The Highest standards of the positive silver electrode ●Silver aluminum negative electrode ●Aluminum back surface fieldMono/Poly Crystalline Material 5Wp~145Wp
Model Power Vmp  V Imp  A Voc V Isc  A Size(mm)
MUL-5M 5Wp 9V 0.58A 10.8 0.64A 340*130*17
MUL-10M 10Wp 18V 0.56A 21.6V 0.61A 340*240*17
MUL-20M 20Wp 18V 1.11A 21.6V 1.22A 480*350*25
MUL-25M 25Wp 18V 1.39A 21.6V 1.53A 535*350*25
MUL-30M 30Wp 18V 1.65A 22.2V 1.8A 445*510*25
MUL-40M 40Wp 18V 2.23A 21.6V 2.45A 535*510*25
MUL-50M 50Wp 18V 2.78A 21.6V 3.06A 540*660*25
MUL-60M 60Wp 18V 3.34A 21.6V 3.67A 630*660*25
MUL-65M 65Wp 18V 3.62A 21.6V 3.97A 670*660*25
MUL-70M 70Wp 18V 3.9A 21.6V 4.28A 765*660*25
MUL-75M 75Wp 18.2V 4.12A 21.84V 4.53A 765*660*25
MUL-80M 80Wp 18.6V 4.3A 22.4V 4.69A 765*660*25
MUL-85M 85Wp 18V 4.73A 21.61V 5.19A 865*660*25
MUL-90M 90Wp 18V 5A 21.6V 5.5A 910*660*30
MUL-95M 95Wp 18V 5.27A 21.6V 5.51A 910*660*30
MUL-100M 100Wp 18V 5.56A 21.6V 6.11A 1010*660*30
MUL-110M 110Wp 18V 6.11A 21.6V 6.72A 1010*660*30
MUL-120M 120Wp 18V 6.67A 21.6V 7.33A 1200*660*30
MUL-130M 130Wp 18V 7.23A 21.6V 7.94A 1280*660*30
MUL-140M 145Wp 18.02 7.23A 21.6V 7.94A 1280*660*30
High efficiency. polysilicon solar cells with high transmission and textured glass deliver a module efficiency of up to 16.5%.minimizing installation costs and maximizing the KWH output of your system per unit area Tight positive power tolerance of 0W to +5W ensures you receive modules at or above nameplate power and contributes to minimizing module mismatch losses leading to improved system yield Top ranking in the TUV rheinland energy yield test and the PHOTON test demonstrates high performance and annual energy productionReliability Tests by independent laboratories prove that Vmaxpower Solar modules: Full conform to certification and regulatory standards With stand wind loads of up to 2.4KPa and snow loads of up to 5.4Kpa.confirming mechanical stability Successfully endure ammonia and slat-mist exposure at the highest severity level.ensuring their performance in adverse conditions Junction box and bypass diodes guarantee the modules free of overheating and Hot spot effect Manufacturing facility certified by TUV Rheinland to ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007Warranty 10-Year limited product warranty.   Limited power warranty:10 years at 91.5% of the minimal rated power output.   25 years at 81% of the minimal rated power output.   In compliance with our warranty terms and conditions

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HQ located in Beijing, China and founded in 2009 Our factory located in 3/F,JieSi Bldg.,6 Keji West Road,Hi-Tech Zone,Shantou,Guangdong,China.

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Multifit Office-Our Company

HQ located in Beijing, China and founded in 2009 Our factory located in 3/F,JieSi Bldg.,6 Keji West Road,Hi-Tech Zone,Shantou,Guangdong,China.

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