4000W 12V/24V Hybrid Inverter with MPPT Solar Controller Best-selling Energy Saving Suninv

Control the inverter all-in-one machine, save the cost of controller procurement, reduce the space installation location, neatly wiring, connect the solar panel, solar energy continuous power, and the remaining power is stored in the battery. This product supports customization.

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The inverter inverts the DC to AC for the load power supplying; and automatic control the start-stop of Grid charger if needed. the best to use the solar energy and the continuopus demand of electricity. It is preferred solution to solve the public grid or less developed areas residents daily electricity.

MPPT PV controller

1.High efficiency MPPT algorithm, conversion rate ≤99.5%
2.Auto-recognition of battery
3.Current-limited charging function
4.Various electronic protections


1.High Efficiency/Energy Saving
2.Low self-Consumption
3.With the AVR function.
4.Pure sine wave
5.Extreme overload capacity and super load capacity
6.DC reverse polarity protection


1.High conversion efficiency
2.Less flux-leaeage
3.Low self-consumption
4.Weak battery radiation
5.Anti-interference , high stability
■ Household electrical appliances, including oven, television, lamp, air conditioner, etc..
■Necessary office systems in securities exchanges, bank, hospitals, hotels, etc.;
■ Production, experimental and other equipment which must not be powered off;
■ Transportation systems and construction systems covering lighting systems in expressways, tunnels, metros, airports, etc.;
■ Fire protection, lighting, monitoring and other systems in architectures;

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Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology Co.. Ltd. is a high-tech plant for the solar power and renewable energy reseach, production, sales and construction of  photovoltaic power station. We are located in the Chinese capital, the center of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone areas-a beautiful high-tech Frtune of 500 companies Industry park.

Type(unit) SuninvM MPPT 2K 24V SuninvM MPPT 3K 24V SuninvM MPPT 4K 24V SuninvM MPPT 5K 48V SuninvM MPPT 6K 48V
Rated capacity(KVA) 2 3 4 5 6
Rated power 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
MPPT Inverter 24V/48V 30A
MPPT voltage input range MPPT: 50 - 150V
Grid Input Voltage range(Vac) AC165-275V AC85-135V
Frequency(Hz) 50Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Rated charge current(A) MAX. 30A
Output Rated output voltage(V) 110/115/120V 220/230/240V
Rated output frequency(Hz) 50/60±1%
Output power factor ≥0.8
THD <3%
Output wave Sine wave
Output phase Single phase
Peak factor 3:1
Barrtery Species Optional
Battery rated voltage(V) DC24 DC24 DC24 DC48 DC48
Recharging current 0-30A(Optional)
 Others Efficiency ≥85%
Dynamic response 5%(load from 0 to 100%)
Noise level ≥40dB (1m distance)
Display interface Digital display
Communication interface USB
Environmental Temperature(℃) -30+55
Environmental Humidity 10%-90%(non condensing)
Protection level IP21
Protection function Array/ Over voltage/ Over current/ Short circuit/ Reverse connection ect protection function
Altitude(m) ≤2000(above 1000m need according GB/T 3859.2 to derate operating)
Dimensions(mm) 560x360x260 560x360x260 560x360x260 560x360x260 560x360x260
Weight (kg) 22.5 27 27.5 32.5 32.5
Multifit means to fit all your needs, step electric energy technological mountain on new heights! The technological tie will be used to send to you and to reach a higher level quality of life. In the future, Multifit is commited to improve the renewable energy industry and continues to develop more efficient and cost-effective solar solution to bring more green electricity into our lives.

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Batteries have high requirements for transportation.
For questions about sea transportation, air transportation and road transportation, please consult us.

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High efficiency and energy saving, let more people enjoy the green energy.

HQ located in Beijing, China and founded in 2009 Our factory located in 3/F,JieSi Bldg.,6 Keji West Road,Hi-Tech Zone,Shantou,Guangdong,China.

Multifit was founded in 2009...

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
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Inverter & Controller
Solar power stations, off-grid systems, home photovoltaic systems
Rated Power:
CE,ISO 9001,ISO 14001
2 Years
Output waveform:
Pure Sine Wave
Battery Rated Voltage:
Digital display
Environmental Temperature:

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