MU-SGS50KW Low-self consumption Industrial and commercial system On Grid Comercial Solar Power Systems

The distributed solar photovoltaic grid-connected system adopts the mode of self-use and self-generate, and the power generated can be used nearby, it is energy-saving, environmental-protection, cleaning and safe.



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5YEARS, 25 Years Life Time
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Guangdong, China
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Home, Commercial, Industrial
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Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
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Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting,BIPV Mounting
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On-grid Solar Power System
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Anti-lighting Function
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6m C type steel
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Monocrystalline Silico
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Complete Technical Support
  Rooftop solar grid-connected power generation system. The system is directly incorporated into national grid, without battery, charge of connected grid application paid by buyer. After successful installation of grid grid connected, in addition to household spending deduction, subsidies can be obtained as power degree. In assition, when electricity can't be used up, the state grid will repurchase it at local price.
Model No. System Capacity Solar Module Inverter Installation Area Annual energy output(KWH)
Power Quantity Capacity Quantity
MU-SGS5KW 5000W 285W 17 5KW 1 34m2 ≈8000
MU-SGS8KW 8000W 285W 28 8KW 1 56m2 ≈12800
MU-SGS10KW 10000W 285W 35 10KW 1 70m2 ≈16000
MU-SGS15KW 15000W 350W 43 15KW 1 86m2 ≈24000
MU-SGS20KW 20000W 350W 57 20KW 1 114m2 ≈32000
MU-SGS30KW 30000W 350W 86 30KW 1 172m2 ≈48000
MU-SGS50KW 50000W 350W 142 50KW 1 284m2 ≈80000
MU-SGS100KW 100000W 350W 286 50KW 2 572m2 ≈160000
MU-SGS200KW 200000W 350W 571 50KW 4 1142m2 ≈320000
Distribution Box Essential internal components of the distribution box                               AC switch, photovoltaic reclosing; Lightning surge protection, grounding copper bar
Bracket 9*6m C type steel 18*6m C type steel 24*6m C type steel 31*6m C type steel 36*6m C type steel Need to design Need to design Need to design Need to design
Photovotaic cable 20m 30m 35m 70m 80m 120m 200m 450m 800m
Accessories MC4 connector C type steel connecting bolt and screw MC4 connector   Connecting bolt and screw Medium pressure block edge pressure block
Remarks: The specifications are only used for the system comparison of different specifications. Multifit can also design different specifications according to the personalized needs of customers.

Because the fixed installation can not automatically track the sun's change of Angle like the tracking system, it needs to calculate the optimal inclination of the component arrangement according to the latitude to obtain the maximum solar radiation throughout the year and seek the maximum energy generation.

The power generation situation of the inclined roof facing the installation: According to the sun facing direction of the photovoltaic panel on the inclined roof position, the power generation is differentiated. Without shadow occlusion: the power generation rate toward the south is 100%, about 70-95% toward the east-west direction, and about 50-70% toward the north direction.

MULTIFIT: It is recommended to choose a place where there is no shade of trees and install it.

MULTIFIT: It is recommended to keep the best angle, so that the power generation rate will be high.

According to the needs of the owner, issue construction drawings For photovoltaic system solutions, it is recommended to reserve a bridge frame for the photovoltaic array and a bracket for placing cleaning products in order to clean the photovoltaic panels and generate power normally.1. Determine the type of ground and roof, and determine the installation direction and angle. 2. Check the shadow shelter area of the construction area (the shadow area has low power generation), and determine the installed capacity1. Determine the specifications and models of component 2. Determine the specifications and model of inverter 3. Determine whether you need a combiner box1. Payment and delivery (you can choose to settle the fee or pay in batches, but you need to communicate with us financially) 2. Workers start construction (we have a construction team, you can contact us) 3. The project is completed. Pay the balance.  Its operation mode is under the condition of solar radiation, the solar cell module array of the photovoltaic power generation system converts the solar energy into the output electricity, then,it is converted into alternating current from the grid-connected inverter to supply the building's own load. The excess or insufficient electricity is regulated by connecting to the grid, and the excess electricity can be sold to the country.

Industrial and commercial solar power system can be widely used in large workshop, color steel tile roof, large area platform, square, gobi desert and other places.

Core power panel, 25 years product quality and power compensation liability insurance.

Inverters provide 5 years of product quality and fault insurance.

The bracket is guaranteed for 10 years.

Power generation is stable and efficient

Sustainable returns over 25 years

1.Economic benefit: the power generation is stable and the economic benefit is very obvious 2.Save electricity: save a lot of electricity costs for families and enterprises 3.Increase the area: do sunshine room, increase the use area of the house 4.Photovoltaic building: integrated photovoltaic building, directly used as the roof 5.Heat insulation and waterproof: effectively solve the roof heat insulation and water leakage problem 6.Energy saving and emission reduction: meet the needs of national energy saving and emission reduction 7.Solve the problem of electricity consumption: solve the problem of electricity consumption in places without grid accessThis is the best day of the past month. I have a 5 kW Chinese solar system, which is a new system. But the maximum power I got so far is 3.9KW...not bad. But this is not the ideal state, why?Let's take a look at this picture,The shadow on the panels you see is the tree with the rising sun behind the camera. The shadow of the tree occupies 80% of the solar panel area. It is this shadow that caused the power generation efficiency of my new system to not reach the power I wanted. MULTIFIT: It is recommended to stay away from shadows, shading objects, etc., so that the power generation rate will be high.1. Where is the solar power generation system used?What is the solar radiation in this area? 2. What is the load power of the system? 3. What is the output voltage of the system, DC or AC? 4. How many hours does the system need to work per day? 5. If there is no sunlight in rainy weather, how many days should the system be powered continuously? 6, What is load? pure resistance, capacitance or inductive? how much starting current?

According to the detailed information you provide, provide high-quality system solution

The function of each accessory

(1) Solar panel: Solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system, but also the most valuable part of the solar power generation system.Its function is to convert the sun's radiation ability into electric energy, or to be stored in the battery, or to push the load work. (2) solar controller: the role of the solar controller is to control the working state of the whole system, and play a role in the battery charge protection, discharge protection.In places where have large temperature difference, qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation.Other additional functions such as light control switch and time control switch should be optional for the controller. (3) Battery: generally lead acid batteries, in small and micro systems, it can also be used in nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries or lithium batteries.Its purpose is to store the electricity generated by solar panels when the light is shining and release it when needed. ( ON Grid Solar System:connected without battery) (4) Inverter: the direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC.To provide power to 220VAC appliances, it is necessary to convert the direct current generated by the solar power system into AC power, so a DC-AC inverter is required.

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AC Distribution box :50KW*1 PV Cables (MC4 to Inverter): Black & Red 200M each MC4 CONNECTOR : 30setInstallation area:450m² Solar module:350W*142 Inverter:50KW*1

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